What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website design is a way to create markup for websites that is built on a fluid grid system that responds, scales, and adjust it’s size based on screen resolution and orientation. So one responsive website design (RWD) works seamlessly across all devices – desktop, tablets, and smart phones.

Finger friendly, fluid grid

Before RWD companies had to utilize several websites or native apps to reach their clientele on all devices. This not only meant unnecessary cost and maintenance but quite often a diminished user experience (UX). Responsive websites are designed for full screen viewing and touch screen devices first as most users are now using these devices. From large wide screen desktop PC’s down to smart phones, the building blocks of a web page scale and restack automatically to respond and optimize the design for optimal viewing and UX on any device or screen. Independent of browser, platform, and screen resolution it just works.

Google and Forbes say, responsive websites are industry best practice

In late 2012, Google’s Webmaster Guide stated: “Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design.” Forbes says you need to prioritize responsive website design right now. Mashable called 2013 the year of the responsive website design. As a company, you need to offer a website that works appropriately on every sized screen, that continues to feature your all-important calls to action which make your website a successful marketing tool. RWD has quickly become the standard in web design and development. So what are the big selling points that make a whole industry go crazy over a new way to design websites?

Why responsive?

One for all - one website for all devices

All for one - All devices for one price

Cost Efficient

Designing a responsive website costs just the same as a regular website yet eliminates the need for mobile sites and apps

According to Mashable, you reach approximately five times as many people per dollar spent with a responsive website as you do with a mobile app. Apps are not only expensive to build, but in addition need to be developed for a number of different platforms and run through a lengthy approval process. Mobile sites are an impoverished version of your full site but come in at almost the same cost to develop a full site. Conversely, the average cost to develop a responsive website is about as much as developing an app for the two main platforms iPhone and Android. With your responsive site, you will not only get great-looking results on every mobile platform but also a fully functional mobile and desktop website.

Easy Maintenance

It is much easier to build and maintain one website that works across all devices than multiple sites.

Design trends change and evolve; browsers and operating systems are updated. The industry standard is to redesign a website every 2-3 years. With RWD, one re-design is effective on all devices and the constant updates of apps are a thing of the past for your company.

User Experience

It’s simple, clean, and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a perfect user experience

A responsive website is build on a fluid grid that seamlessly adjusts to any screen size or rotation allowing the optimal user experience. RWD is purpose-built for touch screen devices - the main gateway to go online these days. The fluid grid makes the tactile navigation of the site smooth and enhances the user’s interactivity with the site as it optimally responds to any screen size, zoom, pinch or rotation. Further are responsive sites designed to better utilize the whole screen. So you can furnish your site with large images that allow you to create a bigger visual impact - even on mobile devices.

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